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Our years of exeperience in the plastics industry has lead us to specialize in the manufacture of plastic netting products, such as safety fences, safety meshes, barrier meshes, safety barriers, warning meshes, warning barriers, square meshes, diamond meshes, anti-bird nets, shading nets, insect screens, plant support nets, plastic fencings, protective nets, gutter meshes, BOP nettings and geogrids. Our products are mainly applied to construction safety, gardening, virescence, environment protection, agriculture, groundwork, industrial filtration, and other fields. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions, such as North America, South America, Oceania, Europe, Asia and South Africa.


Established in 2002, Naite-Net, is one of the largest manufacturers of plastic netting products. We are committed to keeping our production to the ISO9001 standard, and can provide superior quality products to meet customers' diversified needs. Our products are mainly applied to construction site safety, agriculture, gardening, virescence, industrial filter, environmental protection, groundwork disposal, and other fields such as irrigation.


Our products are distributed world-wide including North American, European, South American, Australian, New Zealand, South African and include the Middle East, Japanese, Korean and Asian markets.


So far, we have put considerable efforts on the continuous research and development of innovative products, such as safety fencing series, which has lead to our great reputation in the global market. Specifically, our main products include safety fencing nets, warning barriers, snow fences, bird nets, plant support nets, gutter guards (gutter mesh), pallet nets, windbreak nets, gardening mesh, square mesh, BOP nets, insect screens, shading nets and geo-grids. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Our Team
John Warner, CEO

Nancy He, CFO

CEO of, a leader in the field of plastic fabrication. Experienced project manager new and retrofit projects involving corrosion control. Plastic netting Consulting,  and Corrosion Resistant Materials. Applications Specialist. Providing innovative netting solutions world-wide.

Improvement-driven with over 15 years of achievement in manufacturing and financial environments. Passionate about solving business problems to spearhead continuous operational improvements. ISO-9001, manufacturing operations, human resources, risk managemen and vendor management.

Nora Lee Smith, UK Sales

Denis G. Roberts, USA Sales

Having a strong customer service orientation and delivery focus and an active commitment to continuous improvement and quality standards. Excellent communication skills and comfortable working in a fast paced, hands-on, growth orientated work environment.

Experienced in a number of different sales sectors. New Business Development, Account Management, Relationship Building, Sales Strategies, Cross Selling, Lead Sourcing, Market Industry Research Analysis, Mentoring, Management

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